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Rumbleslam Starter

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RUMBLESLAM was designed to be a quick and fun game that you can play within an hour and has evolved into so much more. It is fast paced and all players are always active so no one gets bored waiting for their next go.

Battle one on one or team up with a friend to play against a pair of opponents. The more fighters in the ring the more action! Your team of wrestlers must try to eject the opponents team from the ring, something that gets much easier after a successful knockout!

RUMBLESLAM sees players tactically moving miniatures around a 1ft x 1ft board/ring, you'll have an array of choices at your disposal to help win the match, whether its performing dexterous wrestling moves, a punch to the face or even spending your action points to get the crowd fired up in your favour, giving your team that much needed boost to win the game.
Players will use dice rolls relevant to a stat on a wrestlers character profile card to try and knockout the opponents team, which will make ejecting them from the ring much easier.

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