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legendary deck building gameLegendary Deck Building Game is one of the most sought after and fun games on the market.  In the game, players recruit  hero cards  to add to their deck  in order to become more powerful. Players build their recruitment power by enlisting more heroes and fight villains by building up  their fighting ability. Heroes are recruited by players from a stack of six cards.  Player’s reveal a villain and add it to the row of villains at the start of their turn. There are only a limited number of spaces in this row, and if it fills up, The villain that arrived first escapes and can punish the heroes in some way.

In Legendary Deck Building Game, as players defeat villains they collect those cards which will be worth points at the end of the game.  Once a player has enough fighting power, they can fight the mastermind and claim one of the attack cards under the mastermind.  Once all of the attack cards are gone, the game ends and the players tally their points.